I have gotten several messages about what to wear to Thanksgiving so I thought I would do 3 easy options for the over indulging day. Being comfortable is hands down he most important part! Not only because one spends the day eating but because Thanksgiving is all about taking it easy and lounging after eating! Now just because one wants to be comfortable does not mean you need to look “sloppy”. I have created 3 achievable looks that will make you look stylish and comfortable and for those who want to step it up and aren’t so concerned about the comfort part I have an option for you guys too.

Look 1: Nikes, black denim, cashmere sweater (so cozy) and a bomber jacket. Easy, comfortable and stylish.

Look 2: A bit more on the festive side with a flannel shirt, vest, dark denim and some gazelle adidas.

Look 3: For a more dressed up look a peacoat, button down, chinos and classic brown boots.

Hope you all have a wonderful and Stylish Thanksgiving!